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First TIG weld repair job. Feeling decently proud of it, could have done a few things better but I feel like it's the best I could do under the circumstances.

Getting there with the printer, it's coming along slowly. Just came up with a new mount for the hotend and added a duct I designed for part cooling using a remote mounted fan and a CPAP hose.

Getting closer with the printer, milled a few belt mounts today and they fit well!

Sound bar in the garage died, so I had to cobble something together from what I had laying around. This works great!

Got a new band saw! This one is a lot better for the larger sizes of metal I'm cutting as stock for the CNC, hopefully will be a lot easier. It came a bit janky but with some fixing and tweaks it's running great with a new blade!

Chasing down some issues with probing in some stuff on my CNC.. I found my probe tip was a bit loose!
Redid that and re-tested the probe, and things are pretty accurate, I'm within a tenth or so it seems now. Still need to work on my tool setter though, it seems like it's tilted still.
Here's a second hold down I made for my vise!

Finally working on getting the printer back together. Building the magball arm attachment points.

Decided to try and use a different vise on the CNC, so building some clamps to hold it down.

Redoing some headlights, they aren't coming out too bad! Working with some polishing compound and a D/A to get a good clear finish before applying a Cerakote ceramic coating.

Been having hot restart issues due to problems with the IAT sensor being in a bad location. Plus the O2 sensor for corrections reboots while cranking due to low battery voltage, so going to put in a boost converter and hook it onto the line and hopefully that will solve the issue until I can put the IAT sensor into the intercooler. Moved the sensor over to the intake pipe close to the manifold.

Got the Megasquirt installed finally. What a pain, but made it work. Fabricated a couple brackets to mount it into the same spot the factory ECU sat, without modifying anything on the car itself. This way I can swap it back if I need to.
A little measuring, sawing, and welding, and I have a pretty decent mounting solution, even if it isn't the prettiest.

It's a mess, but the wiring harness is moving closer to it's final form. Redid the O2 sensor wire, going to go up to a Molex Mini-Fit Jr plug when those come in, and have to bring in the fuel pressure sensor too. Once those are done and I've verified everything, I'll wrap the harness and get it permanently installed.

It's so freaking annoying to need something and not have it.. Redoing the wiring harness for the Megasquirt, and I want to move a bunch of extra input/outputs onto a separate connector from the ECU connector (the pins are very expensive). Just don't have any good locking wire-to-wire plugs to use and of course, can't get any from Amazon. Decided to order a heap of different Molex Mini Fit Jrs from Mouser and have extras in case I need them again.

Whelp the engine runs. now to fix a couple wiring issues and then figure out how to mount this thing in the car.

I just completed "Password Philosophy" - Day 2 - Advent of Code 2020

Just finished up the wiring on the new harness for the Megasquirt. Gonna test it out tomorrow!

Did a timelapse of some homemade pizzas. They were delicious!

This ham has been hanging around the house, fed him some thanksgiving ham and he's been sneaking inside a bit too.

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