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Did a timelapse of some homemade pizzas. They were delicious!

This ham has been hanging around the house, fed him some thanksgiving ham and he's been sneaking inside a bit too.

Getting the Megasquirt hooked up soon. Man, i really want to build a Speeduino board. This design is just awful.

Hilarious I actually got one of these. It's going to work but pretty neat little setup. The keyboard isn't the best, so I probably wouldn't use one myself, but very compact package.

Turbo is in! Looks freaking awesome. Now I just need some plumbing, an intercooler, and a plan to get this whole thing set up! Oh, also need to get the Megasquirt hooked up.

Got the charging software uploaded and it's working pretty well so far. Could use some more polish but it's operating!

Have an older Hitec battery charger that has a USB port for monitoring the data about the charge from it.. Unfortunately it uses an ancient WinXP software, so I got it running in linux and decoded the protocol it uses to talk to the software. Wrote my own in Go that dumps that into InfluxDB and graphing the data in Grafana.

Results were pretty good! Chamfer with is a bit larger than i'd like, and when I flipped it seems i'm off a small amount for center positioning, not sure why but will have to figure that bit out.

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First time working in steel, only managed to break one bit! Not too bad of a materials I thought things would be much worse.

Went on a bit of a buying spree last night, ordered samples of a few different batteries online (32700 LiFePO4) to see what the resulting capacities and such would be, determines what kinda pack I'll build. Also ordered a couple controllers to see which ones might work with the custom firmware build.

Tore down the scooter. cheap controller and a plastic case for the battery pack, same as a bunch of others, just a generic wrapped pack of cells, 6Ah. Hopefully with some 32700s I can hit around 20Ah, and can fabricate a new box to hold them and a newer controller. Maybe even mount the controller in the box directly for better heatsinking.

Got one of those escooters, gonna try and soup it up I think.

Milled out a case for a friend of mine, put it up in a couple youtube videos! Learned that uncoated carbide isn't good to use on aluminum...

Milled some of the small joysticks on the machine yesterday, but ended up breaking a couple bits. need to take it easier. Got some new bits in today so will get some cuts made tomorrow.

Hmm. don't buy the trigger spray WD40 thinking you can refill it.. looks like they put latches on the bottom so you have to destroy it to take the top off. Assholes.

Cleaned up the machine, was a mess! Dustopper works great with a big shop vacz it grabs EVERYTHING.

Getting these tools added into the tool library.. gotta get some more things made!

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