Got a field monitor and mount for the camera so I can take some better videos of the in action, and just for better videography all around. Built a small power pack box that goes on the back of the monitor and runs the camera and monitor off a standard 3S RC battery; can get about 3h off a 2200mAH pack. Has a battery protection board to keep from over-discharging the cells.

Awesome! Probably my third or fourth part I've made on the Tormach and I'm really happy with it.
This is part of Pi Zero W case I designed for a small project, and with a few small tweaks it will be perfect! Video:

Gotta cut stuff up for the sometimes, and the porta-band works, but it's janky. Got a Swag Offroad stand for it, and damn it's well-made. Got the unpainted version and powder-coated it Playboy Blue, looks amazing and works perfect!


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