Bit of progress made on the Grom battery replacement, will be a 4-cell LiFePO4 6000mAh setup for the Grom built out of 3d printed parts. Hopefully it ends up fitting and not burning the bike down! Will have a full BMS to prevent damage to the lithium batteries inside. Just hope it can properly handle the load!

Mastodon upgraded to 3.5.1! Lots of nifty new things.

Dealing with not wanting to work on stuff is so annoying.. I need to get it done, but the amount of mental effort that needs to be expended to do things is just overwhelming.

Converted this lamp over from candelabra bulbs to COB LEDs.
An aluminum strip provides mounting for the LEDs and heatsinking as well. An IKEA Tradfri ZigBee controller provides dimming of the LEDs.

As it sits now! Needs more fix ups and such but runs well! It's a blast.

3D printer is back in business with Klipper, Fluidd and KlipperScreen. Neat little setup! If this works out well I'll be putting it in my other machine as well.

Burned up another board.
Dug deeper this time. Looks like the voltage may be spiking way high, blowing closed the upper transistor in the gate driver totem pole and causing it to shoot through when the input turns off, making it a direct short to ground and blowing out the transistor.
Next up: figure out why the snubber diode isn't snubbing properly!

It seems to be working!!! LEDs and test points are awesome, they are going on all my boards from now on.

Have hit the limit on bodges with this board.. I've found a lot of issues that I need to resolve and there's enough of them that a respin of the board is in order to help clean things up and make it a bit easier to keep working.
Went through and added in my open-drain input circuit, protection zeners to the gates, extra pads to the gate drivers, status LEDs for power and gate output, along with some other quality-of-life fixes like diagnostic pin headers. Tested out fill zones for the FETs too.

Whelp, while trying to fix the issue with the fan controller, i swapped some components out and managed to burn up a gate driver. Bluh. Back to the drawing board.

Spent some time trying to get the fan controller installed into the Miata. Ran into a couple issues with wiring it in, fixed those up and got the power all working correctly. ECU sends it a PWM signal and the fans go crazy, scope it and there's a load of noise on the wires. Turns out that's driving the gate drivers crazy and they're switching the MOSFETs way too fast. So need to fix it up with some filtering, hopefully can get it going this weekeend.

Found my old Casio F105-W while organizing everything. The resin strap was disintegrating and I happened to find an interesting looking Apple Watch band that I wanted to use on the Casio! Unfortunately, it's not an apple watch. Turns out after a bit of cutting, trimming, and installation, the 38-42mm Apple Watch band fits perfectly on the Casio, and even matches well!

Still in the midst of organization, but a couple pics of things as they currently stand...

So, decided to totally redo my office as it's become a huge mess and is really annoying to get anything done in. Spent a ton of time re-sorting every box I have, throwing out lots of stuff, properly sorting things into smaller boxes, and amazingly, I ended up with more boxes, but also more room. It's crazy how much empty space was taken up by big boxes that were only partially filled, which led me to completely revamp everything. Way more efficient and easier to work in now.

Still waiting on the new fan controller boards, they're taking awhile to get in. Had the Miata at a couple local car shows and it's been running great, despite some overheating apparent in the clutch line causing the reservoir to overflow. I need to get some insulation on it or reroute the line entirely. Other than that, it's been a blast on 15 psi and is quite a lot of fun!

The fan controller was not as successful, unfortunately. It seems I have much to learn about comparators and op-amps, so I've spent some time researching and learning about how this stuff works, and spent time redoing a lot of what I've previously laid out. Found some big errors in my layout and some ways to fix things too, so hopefully will have a better-working board after all this.

Got the boards I designed in! First electronics projects where I've actually designed circuit boards! Super exciting, as eventually I've got some bigger projects I'd like to get into, such as building my own ECU for the car! This little test is for a motorcycle blinker conversion, to allow using a single LED in place of a dual-filament bulb. It works well!

With the -4AN line installed, there is *much* less oil in the turbo. Just a tiny little bit, as opposed to the Exxon Valdez level of oil spill that was previously pouring back out of the filter due to the recirc valve not being able to keep up (I've got a new one of those on the way as well). Hopefully this is where I can leave it, but even that small amount of oil has me slightly concerned, so I may just go all out and try to run a bigger oil drain, but we'll see.

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