Finished up the intake plumbing! Finally. Just needs a bung welded into it for the IAT sensor and that should be about it. Plumbing seems to hold well, might brace the long run somehow to keep things from flopping about, but it seems pretty stable.

Now that the rad mounts are in, it's back to pie cuts for me. Working backwards from the intake manifold, there's some tight spaces that I couldn't get a right-angle silicone joint to fit in, so I have to do some very tight pie cuts to go over 90 and then back to drop straight down through the snug space between the radiator and between the alternator pulley and AC lines.

Random aside, but home automation systems that aren't the proprietary ones that only support a certain few things are SO COMPLICATED to set up. Currently trying to get Home Assistant set up in a docker image on my server along with a Pi that has a TI Zigbee card on it, running zigbee2mqtt. What a pain.

Finished up the mounts in crinkle black powder coat and got them mounted up on the car. They look great! They actually work too. Now looks like I'll have to build some new bits to replace the factory radiator clamps for the top of the rad, but no big deal. Next up is plumbing the rest of the intake in.

After a weekend of partying, getting back to working on the car. Got the new revised radiator/condenser mounts test-fit and they seemed to work well, so ended up installing them. Have to drill a couple more holes tomorrow, ran out of daylight.

Repaired my gas pedal today. Ridiculous, it didn't work because a plastic bumper disintegrated and fell out. Absolutely nuts. I replaced it with a bolt.

Stuck out on the road for a couple weeks, I miss my garage. I just want to build things. At least the food is good, but stuck driving around a Corolla.

Spent a bunch of time lining up and welding the final hotside of the turbo plumbing, I feel like i'm getting better with the 1/16" rod and welding in general, has almost no melt throughs this time and kept the beads lower and overall made better welds.
The fit up is good and it actually works! I'm excited. Now to finish up the brackets for mounting the radiator and condenser and get them in position to make the cold side.

Got the layout pretty much planned out, the pie cuts are done, everything is laid out so time to weld!
Doing tacks and then one final fit up check before the full weld.

Got it welded up today, along with a bit of a prototype radiator support I'm building. It's taking some practice but I'm slowly getting better.

Working on learning pie cuts this weekend and figuring out how I'm going to route this plumbing for the intake. Making mistakes, learning, getting discouraged, depressed, and then taking a break and jumping back into the fray has all happened today. There's a couple great videos on youtube that explain it, this is the first of a few:
Back at it tomorrow, more cutting and starting to weld things up.

Sooo much more Argon! Lots of welding to do now, need to practice welding pie cuts and such, and then actually build my exhaust with stainless (needs lots of back purge)

Got the weld table in and spent awhile doing about 50 TIG tacks, which has improved my skills somewhat. Now I need to weld up the top of the table and hope it pulls back into a mostly-level plane.. right now it's still a fair bit crowned.

Needed to build a good spot to keep all this TIG rod now that I have the new welder coming in. Decided to build some PVC ones cause I like building things. They turned out to be about $8 cheaper each to build than to buy.

Made a replica of the low pressure input for the power steering pump on the CNC and sized it so that I can weld on a -8AN bung for the return line from the reservoir.
Also may have bought an AC/DC TIG because ugh i want to TIG weld aluminum so bad >.>

Finally got the adapter completed in steel. Hit my targets really well (within .01mm) for the o-ring surfaces within but the Y axis gib still needs some tightening. Tested out with the fitting and it seems to be working! Will install new o-rings and then hopefully it won't leak!

Spent a LOT of time getting the car cleaned up. I'm exhausted. Took four days of work to get the paint buffed and cleaned back to some semblance of the color it was supposed to be. Plus some before & after shots.

Got the turbo area notched out in the right shape, now I have to work towards some of the fab stuff. Need to build some radiator and condenser mounting brackets, an adapter to convert from the high pressure power steering outlet into a -6AN fitting, and possibly build a power steering reservoir.

Hacked up enough metal to get the intercooler to mostly fit, there's a bit more cutting and welding to clean up the area. Ordered a new CK TIG torch since the one that comes with this welder is heavy as sin and I never weld over 100A. Got a superflex version so hopefully will have an easier time welding.

Snapped a couple pics of the Starlink rocket that went up last night!

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